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[Translation from English to Japanese ] 6) Any unrecieved records can be claimed back through paypal or card 7) Any ...

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6) Any unrecieved records can be claimed back through paypal or card

7) Any threatening phone calls / emails will be reported to the police. I have done nothing wrong here other than go bankrupt. And believe me, I wish I hadnt. THIS IS NOT MY FAULT AND WASNT INTENDED

I have successfully run this business for 20 years, but I am afraid the huge increases in costs & taxes have overtaken me. As well as prices of sold records decreasing. I realise some people may be angry about this, but in most cases, you will have fail safes (paypal claim etc)

Once again I urge people to BE PATIENT - as some items, though significantly delayed WILL ARRIVE

I am deeply sorry. Though be sure I have done everything possible to avoid this
tomoki_w Translated by tomoki_w
6) 全ての受け取られていない記録はPayPalやクレジットカードを通じて請求できます。

7) 全ての脅迫電話やメールに関しては、警察に届け出ます。破産したこと以外に悪いことは何もしていません。信じて欲しいのですが、破産したかったわけではありませんs。私のせいではありませんし、意図したものでもありません。




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