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下げ札を加工しているのに、なぜ 弊社が取り扱いをしている商品だとわかったのですか。
販売していると主張はできません。現在 販売しているお客さんは、いくらで販売したらいいのでしょうか。彼は、弊社からも購入しているが、他社からも購入しています。彼との取引はありますが、この商品を弊社から購入した事がありません。弊社よりも安く商品を購入しているので、一番安く販売しております。

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- Posted at 21 Jan 2020 at 12:51
How did you know it was our company's product even though we processed the tag?
The names of the product he is handling and the products our company is handling are different, so I can not promote our product to be the cheapest. For how much should I sell to our current customers? He is buying from our company but also buying from others. We have had dealings with him but he has never bought this item from our company before. He is buying it cheaper than our company's prices so we lowered the price even further.
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- Posted at 21 Jan 2020 at 12:32
Even making a tag but how come did you get to know this has been our dealing item?
I cannot claim the item being sold at cheaper price because his item and our item are using the different name.
I wonder, at how much price I should sell the item for customer now?
He also buys items not only from us but also from others.
I have a dealing with him but he never bought the item from us.
He bought the item at cheaper price from us so that he sells in the cheapest price.

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- Posted at 21 Jan 2020 at 12:29
We are processing a tag. I wonder why you found that it is an item we are handling?
As name of the item he is handling and that we are handling are different, we cannot insist that we are selling at low price. At what price is the customer who is selling now sells it? He is purchasing from our company, but also is purchasing from another company. We have had a business with him, but he has not purchased this item from us. As he is purchasing an item at the price lower than our company, he is selling at the lowest price.

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