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ご担当者 様




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- Posted at 10 Jan 2020 at 15:08
To a person in charge

How do you do? I am Yasui. I run a company where I sell and wholesale cooking utensils.
I mainly handles the item of Japanese and foreign manufacturers, and sell about 200 million Yen a year.

We are interested in your items. Our main interest is a frying pan.
We are thinking of doing business with you for more than 10 million Yen a year in the future.
We are also considering exhibiting in the exhibition in Japan, and wholesaling to retailers across the nation.

If you can do business with us, may I ask you to let me know details of the business including the wholesale price?
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
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- Posted at 10 Jan 2020 at 15:17
Dir sir,

This is the first time to send you this e-mail.
I am Yasui who is managing the company that is selling and wholesaling cooking tools.
Mainly, we are handling with the items of the manufacturer inside and outside of Japan, and the annual sales are about 200 million JPY.

We are interested in your company's products, especially frying pan very much.
We are thinking that we will deal more than 10 million JPY annually in the future.
Also, we are planning to show to the exhibition in Japan to wholesale to the retailers all over Japan.

If you could deal with us, would you please tell me the wholesale price and the details of the dealing?
I am waiting for your reply.
atsuko-s- about 2 months ago
Dir Sir, の部分ですが、Dear Sirの間違いです。尚、古い表現になってしまったと思いますので、To whom it may concern:に訂正させていただきたく存じます。訂正になり、申し訳ございません。

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