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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Hiring at monthly rate and alternating room monthly, too. Don't have to thi...

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Borrow at monthly price, and changed every month. No need to wash and iron. We will make your dreams of trying various types of linen come true. Your bedroom will transform into a hotel-like bedchamber coordinated by a stylist. Cleaning quality is equal to that of a high-class hotel. Wondering what kind of linen will be sent to you? We have both box and flat sheet types. Although the sheet type can't be chosen, be assured that sheets fitting perfectly to your mattress will be sent. Please choose from Basic to Full set according to your bedding. What designs of linen are available?

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こんにちは! バイリンガルの家庭に育ち、英語はネイティブレベルです。 翻訳家としてぴったしでかつ分かりやすい翻訳を提供できるよう日々心掛けています。