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[Translation from English to Japanese ] SUS will be a dominant force in the high end super strat market that only con...

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SUS will be a dominant force in the high end super strat market that only continues to grow.
Our proprietary Brass design patents have made a paradigm shift in the way musicians look at their choice of instruments and material design

what is the quickest way (ASAP) for us to order a Moon sample guitar, say model AT-TERRY stock with the volume pot option pictured below

Sometimes it’s best to let a craftsman do what they do best before you ever ask them to deviate from their own creations first to see how good they are in their optimum environment, and of course out of respect
Additionally I thought it would save much time if we agree to a partnership of some kind.

How many "Bridear" and "Band-maid" can you round up?
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