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弊社から一番安く購入して、一番安く販売して、他のお店が取り扱いができなくさせるのが彼の戦略です。次回からバジェットが限られている商品は、販売価格をこちらにも一度相談して下さい。そうすれば、高い価格で彼に提案できます。既に展開している商品なので、在庫がないサイズだけの発注でお願いします。以前も追加サイズだけで発注する事ができた。初めての発注なので、輸送経費を半分 御社で負担して下さい。出荷される商品が少量で輸送費がかかります。追加商品と一緒に出荷するので在庫確認して下さい。
Translated by soulsensei
His strategy is to buy products at the cheapest price from our company and sell them at the cheapest price so that other stores cannot apply this strategy. Please discuss the selling price of the products involved in the next project here. If you do this, you can propose a high price to him. Since these products are already being exhibited, please just order the sizes not in the inventory. Previously, it was possible just to order the additional sizes only. Since it is the first order, could your company share half the transportation costs? The products that will arrive will incur shipping fees even if they comprise a small quantity. Please also confirm the inventory of the goods that will arrive, along with the additional products.

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