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[Translation from Japanese to English ] You can taste authentic Japanese Osaka Takoyaki. Please Enjoy Takoyaki and ...

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You can enjoy Osaka's favourite Japanese Takoyaki here. Enjoy your time with your friends or coworkers along with taking a sip.
Be cautious not to get your tongue burnt.
*Crispy outside and fluffy inside, it's specialty for true Takoyaki in Japan.
*Important ingredients such as octopus and flour are imported from Japan.
*Other than Takoyaki, we have variety of foods going well with your favourite drinks.
Takeaway is possible.
Booking your table is essential for avoiding your disappointment. You can enjoy dishes in which fresh Japanese chickens are used.
-We only import fresh chickens from Japan.
-We only use safe and reliable ingredients for our dishes.
-We have special seasonal menus which are for limited time only.

This is a bar with Japanese atmosphere operated by a Japanese woman.
Please enjoy delicious drinks with our friendly staff.
We welcome guests who come to our bar alone as well.

-There is always a Japanese speaking staff and we endeavour to give our guests excellent service.
-There are some staff who speak English, too.
-We have some unusual and nice sake which are difficult to find in other bars.
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最近大変混み合っておりますため、ご来店の際はご予約ください。 日本産の新鮮な鶏を使用した料理を楽しめます。





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