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Brand Description
The production of work tabi (split-toed heavy cloth shoes with rubber soles) provided the impetus for the manufacturing of footwear to be continued for a long time in Kurume, a town renowned for rubber production. The shoes produced at our in-house factory in Kurume are made with skills and experiences that are honed from a rich history. Since our establishment in 1873, our company has aimed to make shoes that provide comfort for everyone. We are still producing shoes that are a manifestation of our pride and confidence, which is gained from making shoes seriously from our establishment till today. We employ the vulcanizing method that can only be employed in a few factories in Japan.
The shoes that were born from this manufacturing method have merits such as being supple and soft, strong and hard to breakdown and its beautiful silhouette is maintained. And more than anything, it could only be produced by skillful work by hand. Its charm lies in the "good creation" that is delicate and beautiful.
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地下足袋の生産を契機にゴム産業の町として栄えた久留米で、長きに渡り靴を作り続けてきました。久留米の自社工場で生み出される靴には長い歴史の中で培ってきた技術と経験が息づいています。1873年の創業以来、一人ひとりに心地よい靴を目指し、今日まで続けてきたまじめな靴作りに自信と誇りを持って“MADE IN KURUME"の靴をこれからも作り続けていきます。国内でもごく僅かな工場でしか生産することの出来ないヴァルカナイズ製法(加硫製法)。 この製法から生み出される靴にはソールがしなやかで柔らかい、丈夫で壊れにくい、美しいシルエットが保てるといった良さがあります。そして何より熟練の手仕事でしか生み出せない、精巧で美しい“作りの良さ"が魅力です。

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