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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I am very sorry that the item hasn't been delivered to you. I will ship an...

marifh Translated by marifh
I am very sorry that the item hasn't been delivered to you.

I will ship an item to you once again.

As for the shipping fee for the next shipment, since you have purchased a guitar pick in the past and I feel very bad that the previous shipment hasn't been done, I will reduce the shipping fee and make it for $ 4.00, which is ordinarily $ 7.00.
(We will pay the difference so please do not worry about it.)

Please make a payment of $ 4.00 into our PayPal account as the shipping fee for the next shipment.
As soon as we confirm the payment, we will dispatch the item within two days.

Thank you very much.
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送料は通常$7.00 USですが、割引きして$4.00US にいたします。



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