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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I hear that by the price it purchases, it purchases from other firm. He order...

setsuko-atarashi Translated by setsuko-atarashi
I hear that by the price it purchases, it purchases from other firm. He ordered us instead of the other firm to have been ordered. As the order cannot be done to the other firm from now, could you please accept the order?
Even though you permitted the payment condition, if the order is canceled, in the further, the conditioned brand cannot be ordered to our firm.
To order, it is taking time.
If the order cannot be made, all the efforts will be to nothing. Before, if due time is late, as there is business in the future, he wants to divide the shipping costs between us.
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支払い条件をあなたに承諾をもらったのに、発注がキャンセルだと、今後 同じ条件のブランドは弊社に

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