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[Translation from Japanese to English ] This is Tanaka who stayed on last June. I will travel France with my parents...

kumako-gohara Translated by kumako-gohara
This is Tanaka who stayed on last June. I will travel France with my parents on next March.
We will stay there on Wed. and travel around the provincial city on Thu. And Fri.
Therefore, I would like to deposit suitcases without staying your hotel during days.
We will come back from provincial city on Sat. and stay for 8 days until the morning on next Sun.
Can I book for 1 day on Wed. and 8 days from San.?
I am sorry for bothering you even if you are busy. I am looking forward to your reply.
Please let me know if we should pay the fee for depositing suitcases.
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水曜日な1泊したあと、木曜と金曜は地方都市を観光したいので、あなたのホテルにに宿泊せずに、スーツケースを預かってもらいたいです。土曜日に地方から戻り、翌週の日曜日の朝の出発まで8日間宿泊したいと考えています。水曜日1泊 土曜日から8泊という予約は可能でしょうか?お忙しいと思いますが、ご返信御待ちしております。スーツケース保管料が必要であればおしらせください。

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