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[Translation from Japanese to English ] By cutting UV, to control color and light, you can tone up you skin. It is a...

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* 色で織りなす色白素肌館------UVカットしながら色と光をコントロールし、肌をトーンアップ。
* 光が叶える立体感-----透明感を引き出すラベンダーカラーの顔・からだ用日やけ止め。心がときめくサボンの香り。化粧下地にも。
* 透き通って透きとおるような肌に------スキンケア成分(保湿成分配合)。スーパーウォータープルーフ。せっけんで落とせます。
* 防腐剤フリー。鉱物油フリー。弱酸性。アレルギーテスト済み
Translated by setsuko-atarashi
By cutting UV, to control color and light, you can tone up you skin.
It is a sunscreen with lavender color to withdraw your transparency for only you,

It is a smooth solving and fresh feeling cream. Only with sunscreen, it makes transparent skin than your natural skin.

* White skin feeling to make with colors.... by cutting UV, to control colors and light, it makes your skin tone up.
*Three dimensional feeling with light.... a lavender color face to withdraw transparency and a sunscreen for our body. Sabon flavor that makes you excite. You can use it for your under make up.
* Transparent and transparent skin.... Sink care content (moisture-preservation included). Super-water fruit. You can take it off with soap.
*Preservation free. No mineral oil. light acidity. Allergy is tested.

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