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[Translation from Japanese to English ] By cutting UV, to control color and light, you can tone up you skin. It is a...

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* 色で織りなす色白素肌館------UVカットしながら色と光をコントロールし、肌をトーンアップ。
* 光が叶える立体感-----透明感を引き出すラベンダーカラーの顔・からだ用日やけ止め。心がときめくサボンの香り。化粧下地にも。
Translated by atsuko-s
Cut UV, control the color and light and tone the skin up.
The sunscreen item with lavender color elicits transparent skin unique to you.

It is easy to spread and fresh for use. Even though only using the sunscreen, your skin turns into more transparent than usual bare skin.

*Fair and bare skin feeling of colors------ Control color and light with cutting UV, and tone the skin up.
* Stereoscopic effect by light------ Sunscreen for face and body of lavender color that elicits the transparent feeling. The smell of savon that makes your heart skip a beat. You can use it as makeup base.
Translated by risa0908
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