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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Today, although we have settle payment of Discog product via PayPal, first,we...

setsuko-atarashi Translated by setsuko-atarashi
Today, although we have settle payment of Discog product via PayPal, first,we could not pay smoothly with wells fargo Bank, and we settled the payment changing to the US, later, we found it looked as if the settlements were done by both sides, does that mean we paid in double? When checked to the US by phone, it was told to have been paid. Wells fargo bank also, as long as checking online, it said $1060 was paid. Please check if the payment has done twice urgently.
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本日、paypalにてDiscogsの商品を$1060で決済をしたのですが、最初、wells fargo銀行でうまく決済できず、アメックスに切り替えて決済したのですが、後で調べてみると、どちらからも決済された形に見えるのですが、ダブルで決済されているということはないですか?アメックスに電話確認した所、決済されているとの話です。wells fargo銀行もネットで確認する限りでは$1060払われたことになっています。ダブルで払い込まれていないか至急ご確認をお願いいたします。

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