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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Thanks for your reply. I am relieved that the thermal issue of HDMI board ha...

steveforest Translated by steveforest
Thanks for your reply.
I am relieved that the thermal issue of HDMI board has been solved.
Regarding the HD monitor looks whity.
Can I make sure that incoming video and image for the project being matched?
・Incoming video is ONA / IDR?
・Setting of the project is ONA / IDR?
As I am now travelling on business and I can't get you info in English but it looks there might be reason around the part.
Let me ask you to try setting the project for switching ONA / IDR, and see how is it going to change?
I will check at our side later.
Best regards.
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・入ってきている映像はONA / IDR?
・プロジェクトの設定はONA / IDR?

プロジェクトの設定でONA / IDRを切り替えて試してみてください。



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