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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I am considering to order for the first time. First, as I am not clear how t...

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次に添付を見て頂いて下記の質問に答えてください order を押すと発注が決定されますか?
2.書籍はどこに送られますか?Warehouse: NASHVILLE, TN (Primary) でしょうか?送付先を変更する方法を教えて下さい

Translated by huihuimelon
I am thinking to make my first order.
Do you have any manual instructions as I don’t understand how to operate this website.
Please answer the following questions looking over attachments.

1. Does place order button confirm the order?
2. Where does the book get sent? To Warehouse: NASHVILLE, TN (Primary)? Could you please tell me how to change the address to send?
  I’d like to send it to the staff’s residence from the company in California.
3. How much will the shipping charge be? Does that show up after making an order?

Thank you.

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