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[Translation from English to Japanese ] Simply criss-cross the ties in back or tie in the front for a small size wais...

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Simply criss-cross the ties in back or tie in the front for a small size waist.
Adjustable Easily
•Fixed the comfortable lenght according to your body size with the TRI-GLIDE Button.
•No need to tie knot once use the quick release buckle, iron strap's head to get into black buckle.
•2 Towel Loop both left and right side to meet your need either for towel or Tools.
Machine Washable & Easy Care.
•Wash with Cold Water in Gentle Cycle.
•Tumble Dry Low, dried on a low setting.
•Don't run them through hot dryer.
•100% natural cotton may shrink and wrinkle a little.
•To prevent them from shrinking much.The best way is to simply wash them and hang them to dry.
Iron Warning
•Steam iron is the best recommended.
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