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[Translation from Japanese to English ] After thinking too much the thoughts in my head was getting me nervous. I sto...

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It was a comfortable space. It was a pleasant time. It seems that it is the thing that evil thoughts of the real life comes in when you wonder what is unpleasant.

I thought that a culture would start forming for the first time when "my memories" of each visitors were documented together as a public record and became "everyone's memories".

Was it a dream? When I trace the memory, I am certain that I experienced it. However, with busy everyday life, it feels like it was such a long time ago. The scenery I saw at that time is vague now. Is there any remaining of memories in my body? It is Maebashi Art and Culture Brick Storehouse, a registered tangible cultural property in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, built in 1923, about two and a half hours from Tokyo by train.
Through the performances, It can be experience special opportunities by hearing the sound of strong rain beating on the roof, the sound of jomo line railroad passing close by, and the faint sound of cars running on wet roads.Sometimes wooden beams make a creaking sound, and through my body I could feel this building is alive.

I felt like I am good what I am.
I was bored and slept. A performance with a system of open recruitment by the audiences. From one month earlier you will receive letters of three in total and the poem like letters will lead you to the way to get to the theatre. It is an event where there is almost no ad/detail gets shown to public in advance that someone like me who’s familiar with typical theatre performances go visit half interested half anxious.I might have been feeling angry if I was a bit younger.

When I walked into the theatre I heard an announcement that goes “please spend the time as you want”. I walk, stop, sit and lean somewhere just reflecting my thoughts how I want to spend the time. I stare into something, close my eyes or listen carefully, I just did what I thought I wanted to. As for the letter I received one month ago,
until the day of the performance, I regarded it like something alive. Once the performance is gone, I feel it returned to just a piece of paper, almost like its soul is gone from it, so to speak.

I had visited Renga gura many times before but it was my first time to feel this space being such a comfortable space without anything extra inside, inclucing the performance itself.

I received a lot of courage.
It was enjoyable. I wish I could explain in words what I had seen.

What on earth was this? Was this dace? Was this performance? I have been always taking in other people's perspectives and opinions without knowing it and I think I have been feeling and thinking based on those as truth.
What I was watching. What I was seeing. What I was listening. What I was hearing. Are these really what I was doing? When I asked myself this question, I realized what I was suffering and not feeling comfortable came from the fact that I was not a true myself. What is true, real truth can be found only in myself. Those feelings, including good and bad became one of the tools to tie my own voice from inner heart to words. While I was experiencing the performance, I thought I may not have to follow the story or the flow. I changed my position from sitting on a chair to the floor and try to watch the whole without concentrating so much, then I fell asleep in the middle of the performance. I wondered if I had missed a crucial part a little, but after the performance when I looked back there was no special core or centre and I feel maybe it was best to feel everything as a whole. I felt like I was in a forest,not just feeling one atmosphere but it was an experience which made me feel like staying comfortably in a mass, made up of large and small, everything and all sorts of things. After thinking too much the thoughts in my head was getting me nervous. I stopped thinking and tried to enjoy just feeling it. Closing your eyes, imagining, creating, traveling in the past and the future, spending the time I have now. And now I'm going to meet you - the person whom I really wanted to meet. I am excited about how we will continue down the road we are walking along.

It was a performance that was very suitable for the atmosphere of the hall. The raindrops were effective - rain is part of the performance as well. It seemed like an ambiguous place like the spirit of the soul, hell, and heaven. The moves of the dancer were like, these sudden intense moves that appear in the silent moves. The intensity always shows up when they leave the theatre and it reminded me of the days where I went through unexpected farewell of someone. They appear all of a sudden. And they disappear. It just reminds me of my relationship with people and at the moment my folks I haven’t seen for ages flashed back in my mind.

I got even a little bit nervous when the performers sat near me or came closer to me until the sounds popped out.

It was great. I liked when the dancers ran outside of the theatre in the last scene. Why did they run away? Was there something they got to be in a hurry for? the series of experiences from the beginning of the public invitation performance a month ago feel me like continuing to be as quiet as basso continuo to the back of one's heart. Each time they were different like a piece of poetic language in the letter, the exterior of the bridge-house, the coldness of the rain, the agreeable tones of the folk instrument, a scene of movement of dancer

I tried to feel that place and see things for the first time.
I felt as if I were looking at something I had never seen before.

I don’t like ... it can be good memory. What is most vivid in my memory is a scene in the evening in dark Maebashi, walking in asphalt in the city that I am not impressed physically, and a silent space where those I saw for the first time in the white hall were sitting silently. I remember that the feeling of the air where those unknown people were nervous at unknown place was impressive.

It was as if I had been seeing the "scene" by plain space, sound, outfits and performer.

While it was performing, I was watching at one spot. I was taking a memo of the performance by verb.
I saw the dance and felt that people are living by verb. I also felt that the verb is a word and the one before word as well.
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あれは夢だったのだろうか?自分の記憶を辿ってみれば確かに体験したことだが日々忙しく過ごしているとずいぶん昔のことのように感じる。その時、みた風景もぼんやりしてる。身体の何処かに記憶の名残りはあるのか? 会場は、東京から電車で2時間半程にある1923年に建てられた群馬県前橋市にある国登録有形文化財の前橋市芸術文化れんが蔵。


つまんなかった。寝てた。 観客公募制公演。一か月前から三通手紙が届き、その詩のような手紙を辿ると会場に辿りつくというもの。事前に公演のチラシも情報もほとんど開示されない催しで、通常の舞台公演に接している私は、興味半分、心配半分で伺う。私がもう少し若かったら、怒っていたかもしれません。

会場に入ると「自由にお過ごしください」というアナウンス。どう過ごしたいかを感じながら、歩いたり、止まったり、座ったり、もたれかかったり。じっーと見たり、ぼんやり見たり、目を閉じたり、耳をすませたり、したいようにしてみた。 一か月前に貰った手紙について。



本当のこと。事実は自分にしかない。そんな感覚がいいことも悪いことも含めて、心の奥の私から聞こえてくる言葉に繋がれるためのツールの1つになった。 公演を体験している途中で「もしかしたら流れや物語をよむ必要はないのでは」と思い、椅子から床へ見る体勢を変えて鑑賞し、ぼんやり全体を見るようにしてたら、ついうとうとしてしまい、途中で居眠りしてしまった。内心「大事なところを見逃したかも」という気持ちにも少しなったが、終わって見て振り返るとなぜか中心というか核のようなものはなく、「全体を感じる」のが正解だったのかなと。森にいるような、何か一つの気配を感じるのではなく大小さまざまなものの集合体の中に心地よくいるような経験だった。 ずっと考えて、考えてばかりで、ガチガチになっていた頭や心。考えることを辞め、ただただ感じることを楽しんでいた。目を閉じ、想像し、創造し、過去や未来を旅しながら、いまというこの時を過ごす。そして、本当に出逢いたかったワタシに会いに行く。まだまだ続く路をどんな風に辿っていくのかワクワクしている。

とても会場の雰囲気に合っていた公演だった。雨音が効果的だったり、雨をも公演の一部と化していた。魂の行く先、地獄と天国、あの世とこの世の狭間のような曖昧な場所のようでした。 ダンサーの動きは、静の動きの中に、突如現れる激しい動き。その激しい動きが現れるのは、必ず会場の外に去っていくときで、人との予期せぬ別れを思い起こした。ふいに現れたり。また消えたり。私自身の人間関係を思い起こし、懐かしい人の顔が何人か浮かんできた。




なんか嫌だ。楽しい思い出にならない。 自分の記憶で一番鮮烈なのは、暗い前橋の夜の風景、身体的な印象は知らない街のアスファルトを歩いたこと、白い会場の中で初めて出会うこれまで知らなかった人々が静かに座っていた沈黙の空間。今思うと、見ず知らずの人たちが知らない場所で緊張していたその空気の感覚が印象的です。



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