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[Translation from Japanese to English ] This time, I would like to purchase 200pcs of this item. Would it be possibl...

shimauma Translated by shimauma
This time, I would like to purchase 200pcs of this item. Would it be possible to give me more discount than last time?

For your reference, I purchased 30pcs of the same item for iPhone 6/6S for $12 each from XXX. Can you please offer me a better price than XXX as I would like to purchase 50pcs of this item?

I am willing to purchase from you, who I have great faith in, on regular basis.

Are there any other types besides the ones for iPhone 5/5S and 6/6S?
Do you know any information on release of new products?
If you do, please kindly let me know.

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ちなみに、これのiPhone 6/6S向けのものを前回はXXXから12ドルで30個買いました。今回はこれを50個買いたいと思っているのですが、XXXより安く売って頂けないでしょうか?


この商品は、iPHONE 5/5Sと6/6S向けの2種類しかないのでしょうか?また、新商品として発売予定等ありますでしょうか?何か知っていれば教えて下さい。

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