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I had my birthday in the forest which I admire. Now, I am in an adventure to find the legendary bird in the forest. Finally, I found my enthusiastic reason for live and am learning every day. It truly enriches my life. I quitted previous life such as hating the sun to keep my skin white, unreasonable diet, anti-development for muscles to keep delicate body. I have not lived the world to makeup needlessly, go to aesthetic or nail salon, dress myself with brand stuffs and to be beautiful only appearance.

I lived in center of Tokyo like concrete jungle, dress up all brand stuffs. When I went to a party, I put on an impressive with people around me that is really meaningless and feel empty and poor of my heart.

I would like to be more natural
I want to enjoy my life from my heart. I want to do sun bathing, spend in the middle of whole nature, walk a lot, work out, and get fit, too.
Eating delicious food with the one I love and share happiness.
I want to polish my spiritual health and beautiful heart instead of the external appearance.
I want to coexist more with the nature. I want to see varieties of nature more. I want to live a life where I can truly be impressed with the beauty of the nature. I want to live freely in my own way.
Instead living a life wondering how others think of me or how I impress them, I am going to live a life for me and my love to appreciate happiness and for my own. Because I have realized that it probably makes my life really enriched and that I can get true beauty and happiness from it ...
I appreciate I could be born in this world.
Many thanks, God.
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私はもう、白い肌を保つ為に、太陽を毛嫌いしり、無理なダイエットをしたり、華奢(きゃしゃ)に見せる為の筋肉を発達させないようにしたりする生活をやめました。 必要の無い化粧をしたり、エステやネイルサロンに通ったり、ブランドの服や物で身を着飾ったりと、外見だけを美しくする考え方や生活からフェイドアウトしました。
心から人生を楽しみたいです。 太陽にも当たりたいし、たくさん自然の中で過ごしたいし、たくさん歩きたいし、運動をして、筋肉もつけたい。

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