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[Translation from Japanese to English ] At Company A which is a pioneer dealing especially in xxx, we mainly carry ou...

kamitoki Translated by kamitoki
At Company A which is a pioneer dealing especially in xxx, we mainly carry out the introduction of xxx and consultation work on how to customize xxx.
Specializing in B and C, we are engaged in the task of reinforcing the Japanese language function of xxx.※1
Important points when using Japanese with xxx ※2
In Japan, a lot of information has been written in Japanese. Among these includes a lot of useful information too but some are available only in Japanese therefore it's a shame that these become isolated from the rest of the world.

If a query remains in English, don't you think it would be wonderful if you can search for information in Japanese? ※4

In this section we will first to allude to the important points of handling Japanese using xxx and transliteration techniques using PLM, among other things.
Lastly, I will introduce to everyone a way to realize simple cross-language information retrieval using transliteration. ※5
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B,Cを専門とし,xxxの日本語処理の機能を強化する業務に従事 ※1

xxxで日本語を扱う時のポイント ※2

中には日本語のみで書かれているため,残念ながら世界からは孤立した情報になっているものもあります.※3 もし query は英語のままで,日本語の情報を検索できたら素晴らしいと思いませんか?※4

最後に,Transliterationを使った簡易的な Cross-language information retrieval を実現する方法を

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