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There are three irori shops you can enjoy in the town for office workers in Shinbashi. We are going to introduce shops office workers can enjoy easily after finishing their works this time. Food in fall are delicious, so let's go there. First, Hakobune. Many customers visit because they are attracted the special interior like rare irori. We recommend broiled iwa-zakana with salt products of South Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture. You can broil in irori, it is rare in Tokyo and you can enjoy the precious and natural taste just now. Also, you can taste ayus with roe. Besides, you can eat the very rare genge dried one night of Toyama and Niigata. And then you can enjoy Japanese sake, too. Second, it is robata. they have run for over 40 years at the same place. In Autumn, cod milt with ponzu(citrus based sauce), flounder sashimi, Koubako crab(female snow crab) , deep fried rock fish are recommendation. Natural grown eel grilled by hearth is outstanding. It was caught from Fukuyama city of Hiroshima prefecture. This is rare eel caught in sea. This is female so it has roe. If you put them on rice it becomes Una-don(eel topped on rice). This eel can be caught only in this season. Last one is Roen. You can enjoy food of Saga prefecture and Sake. Each large tables have hearth and you can grill and stand by table. Popular dish is 3 recommended skew, beef sinew with ponzu, beer or high ball set. The owner runs the restaurant by himself, and you can spend a relaxed time of bliss there. The atmosphere is superb. Their specialty skewers are of silver-stripe round herring, stew of cubed meat, sweet shallot directly shipped from Saga. The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere. Sashimi is made from fish caught in Saga in the morning, and is very fresh. Shime saba (salt and vinegar mackerel) is especially a must. The 3 Saga sake tasting set is reasonable and recommended, for it is hard to choose sake. Why not drop by after work in this season?
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サラリーマンの町・新橋で楽しめる囲炉裏の店・3選。今回はサラリーマンが仕事帰りに気楽に楽しめるお店を紹介。秋は食べ物がおいしくなるゆえ、行ってみよう。まずはハコブネ。囲炉裏がある珍しい作りにひかれて多くの客が訪れる。お薦めは新潟県南魚沼産の岩魚の塩焼き。囲炉裏で焼け、都内では珍しいし、貴重な自然の味を楽しめる。今しか味わえない、子持ちアユも食べれる。又、非常に珍しい富山や新潟のげんげの一夜干しが食べれる。日本酒も楽しめる。2軒目はろばた。同じ場所で40年以上続け営業している。 秋にはタラ白子ポン酢、ヒラメの造り、香箱ガニ、オコゼの唐揚げがお薦め。囲炉裏で焼いた天然ウナギは絶品。広島県福山市のもので、海でとれた珍しいウナギです。メスなので卵を持っている。ご飯にのせればうな丼になる。このウナギは今の時期しか取れない。最後は、ろえん。佐賀県の食材とお酒が楽しめる。大きなテーブルそれぞれに囲炉裏があり、その場で焼いて立ち飲みで楽しむスタイル。人気は、日替わりの3本のおすすめ串と、肉のすじポン、生ビールかハイボールのお疲れさまセット。 ご主人が一人でやっていて、ゆっくりとした至福の時間が過ごせる。雰囲気が非常によい。メインの串は、きびなごや角煮、佐賀直送の甘い長ネギなど。店はフレンドリーな雰囲気。刺身はその日の朝に佐賀でとれたものでとても新鮮。特に、〆サバはお薦め。日本酒は選ぶのが難しいので、佐賀のお酒を3種選べる飲み比べセットがリーズナブル。この季節、仕事帰りにちょっと寄ってみてはいかが?

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