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The exhibition introduces SAKU Municipal Museum of Modern Art ‘s new collections and new artist in the year of 2008. Each artist has one booth and displays several of his/her works including his/her past collections in the museum and/or those borrowed from other museum together with new collections. This will help those who see those who look at them enjoy the works as well as understand the message embedded in the works. Deeper understanding of art and promotion of local art culture are expected.
This exhibition exhibits those works featuring the artists’ originalities by using block print techniques. System of exhibition

We set a booth as long as about 5 meters at wall for each 20 authors who created new works.
By adding new 28 works, we exhibit 2 to 4 works of each author where we exhibit 60 works in total.
We set a system where each booth is exhibited for profile of author, explanation of work and portrait of author. By this system, we can see idea of art as a museum and trend of modern art through the whole process (please refer to list of work listed attached separately).
This time we mainly select and exhibit the works created by those in 20s and 30s. In the room of last exhibition, we introduce the work of young author.
The works that Saku Municipal Museum of Modern Art newly accommodated in 2008 were 25 by 20 authors. I will introduce the works.
Each work is different, but an author creates the work consecutively. Some authors pursue their own theme and show it at the same place once a year while other authors show the themes in their exhibition all together. In the exhibition this time, we decided to exhibit several works regarding one author. In this exhibition, we can understand something in one author that is common to independent works------for example, intention to create------in the exhibition of several works. Confucius lived 2500 years ago and his words still remain in the Analects of Confucius. Confucius said in the Analects of Confucius, "I aspired after study when I was 15. I became independent at 30. I threw away my hesitation at 40. I understood my duty of life at 50. I became able to listen to other people's words without prejudice at 60. I became able not to be contrary to morals even though I follow my desire, at 70."(the Analects of Confucius)
“From period of youth—thoughts at young” exhibits works based on the age when the artist produced the work. By noticing how old the artist was when he was working on the specific work, you could be able to find whatever behind remain unchanged regardless of when and where they lived. The technique of block print was first invented as a way of making duplicates. Block print is different from drawing because wood block is carved along a pattern and the pattern is then printed on papers in block print while lines and faces are drawn directly on papers. There are several ways of carving wood block: intaglio, relief, serigraph and lithograph. Each of them has more precise techniques. In intaglio, for instance, some technique requires burin’s sharp carving to be printed whereas some technique is for making gradation by making fine scratches on the block.
The unique expression of block print is created by not being drawn or painted on a paper directly. Block print became so appealing in that it was not merely a duplicating method that it established itself as a genre called “Block Print.”
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このたびの展覧会では、作家が版画の技法を用いて、作家自身の独創性を発揮している作品を出品します。 展示構成
新収蔵品制作作家20人に、一人あたり壁面約5メートル程度のブースを設ける。新収蔵28点の作品に加え各作家の2 点から4 点程度の作品を展示し、全60 点程度の展覧とする。作家略歴、作品解説、作家ポートレートなどの各ブースの展示を作家の協力のもと構成し、全体を通して美術館としての芸術観、現代の芸術頃向が俯瞰できるようにする。(別添出品作品リスト参照)
今回は特に20代と30代の作品を選んで展示します。また、最後の展示室では現在若者として活躍する作家の作品を紹介します。 佐久市立近代美術館が平成20年度中に新たに収蔵した作品は20作家25点です。その作品と作家を紹介します。
作品は唯一無二ですが、作家は連続して創作しています。自己のテーマを追求し年に一度きまって同じところで発表する作家もいますし、テーマを個展にまとめ発表する作家もいます。今回の展覧会では一作家に複数の作品の展示を心がけました。独立している作品に共通しているひとりの作家の内なる何かーたとえば制作意図であったり…が複数作品の展示でとらえることができる。そんな展覧会です。 2500年前に生きた孔子の言葉は論語として残されています。その論語の一説には『吾れ、十有五にして学に志す。三十にして立つ。四十にして惑はず。五十にして天命を知る。六十にして耳順ふ。七十にして心の欲する所に従ひて、矩を蹴えず。』(論語)と書かれています。思わず納得してしまう人も多いことでしよう。
ているものが見えてくるはずです。 もともと版画の技法は複製のための技法でした。版を作り写しとる版画は、線や面が直接描くそれと違います。版板の作り方について分類するならば、凸版・凹版・孔版・平版があります。また、それぞれの技法に、さらに細かい技法があります。たとえば、同じ凹版であっても、ビュランの鋭い彫り跡を摺りとる方法があれば、版に細かい傷を作ってグラデーションを生み出す方法もあります。

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