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10 Best Jobs For Adults with ADHD
ADHD in Adults
The challenges of attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) in a classroom setting are familiar — students with ADHD often struggle with following instruction, completing homework tasks, and sitting still. While many kids outgrow the hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness associated with ADHD, about 60 percent of children with ADHD become adults with ADHD, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.
Adult ADHD is characterized by restlessness, disorganization, and the inability to focus. But ADHD also comes with a unique set of strengths. Choosing a career that capitalizes on these strengths is key to professional success. Captivated by Change: Police Officers and Firefighters
Police officers and firefighters are busy. No two days are the same, which is a good thing for people with ADHD because a monotonous routine can become tedious. ADHD adults find pleasure in constant change. They thrive in an environment that is stimulating, and one in which they have to adapt and analyze.
Working with a mentor can help people with ADHD maintain their focus during testing and training. Once they’re in a police station or firehouse, ADHD adults will find themselves busy with work they find both fulfilling and rewarding.
Thrive in High-Intensity Environments: Doctors and Nurses “People with ADHD tend to work well in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment, like that of an emergency room or ambulance,” says Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, a clinical psychotherapist and assistant professor at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Like police officers, doctors and nurses never have the same workday twice. This requires them to use all of their training, maintain focus, and work with others to succeed.
However, working in a hospital may involve long hours, stacks of paperwork, and having to answer to authority figures — all possible weaknesses for ADHD adults. Having a strong support staff and colleagues willing to help is important when working in the medical field. Talk Success: Salespeople
Most people with ADHD excel at talking to others. Sales jobs are a great way to focus this natural energy in a positive way. In an environment that requires heads-down, solo work, ADHD adults may get frustrated without human interaction. But with a job that depends on communication, such as sales, someone with ADHD may find great success.
Express Creativity: Artists and Entertainers
The entertainment industry has long been a mecca for dreamers, creators, and visionaries. The energy and drive it takes to succeed in any aspect of the entertainment industry — as a graphic artist, ballet dancer, or stage actor — is exhausting for most people, but not for those with ADHD. Their high-energy drive can propel them towards a fruitful creative career.
Physical Work: Members of the Military
The military, in which order and discipline are key, may seem like the last place for a person with ADHD. Yet some do very well in the armed forces. That’s because the intense mental focus and physical demands of training keep their minds and bodies engaged. They have clear instructions, an objective, and incentives to reach their goals.
Be Independent: Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs must have determination, boundless energy, and the desire to succeed. They also have to share that drive by interacting with investors, employees, and customers. This requires a great deal of independent work, organization, and planning — areas in which people with ADHD typically struggle. But not when it’s their own business — something they are deeply committed to seeing through. “When they’re in an area of passion, people with ADHD flourish,” says Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, author of “Managing the Gift: Alternative Approaches to Attention Deficit Disorder.”
Work Outside the Office: Commission Salespeople
Salespeople who work on commission are out-and-about, shaking hands, and seeing new faces. It’s the type of job in which a person is almost always “on.” No cubicles or 9-to-5 schedules here. “Work environments that are ‘outside the box’ are perfect for people with ADHD,” Dr. Emery says. “It gives them the space and flexibility they need, with the right amount of structure so they can be really successful.”
Seek Variety: Mechanics
Working on cars, boats, and motorcycles is a hands-on, physical job. It’s one that is different each day, often calls on a person’s critical-thinking skills, and requires face-to-face interaction. It’s perfect for a person with ADHD who feels trapped behind a desk and loves solving problems.
Hands-On Work: Construction Workers
The construction business keeps people busy and working hard. It’s also a job that changes frequently while still providing clear instructions and objectives. There’s little time for boredom — as soon as one portion of a job is done, there are usually other tasks to complete.
Clear Deadlines: Delivery Truck Driver
Delivery truck drivers are people on a mission; they have somewhere to be, and they have to be there by a certain time. It’s the perfect structure for a person with ADHD. “Employees with ADHD thrive in environments where they have clear instructions and directives,” Dr. Sarkis says.
With a truck full of boxes and a day in which to get them delivered, a person with ADHD will work hard to accomplish the task before them. This profession also allows ADHD adults to work outside of a typical office setting, interact with others, and use their boundless energy to complete assignments.
Hiring Employees with ADHD
Adults with ADHD make very industrious employees. They are high-energy, naturally curious, and eager to succeed. Making a few small adjustments can help an employer establish a productive work environment. “People with ADHD flourish when expectations and deadlines are clear and put into writing,” Dr. Sarkis says. “Employers should break down projects into smaller tasks and assign deadlines to those components.” Identifying a coworker that can help an ADHD employee with the more challenging aspects of the job, such as paperwork, is a good way to ensure success. It may take extra work to integrate an employee with ADHD, but with time it’s likely to be a very successful partnership.
bluejeans71 Translated by bluejeans71 3_yumie7 Translated by 3_yumie7 yoppo1026 Translated by yoppo1026 marukome Translated by marukome teddym Translated by teddym
成人のADHD患者の特徴は落ち着きのなさ、混乱、そして集中力の欠損が挙げられます。しかし、ADHDにも強みとなる点がいくつかあります。 こうした強みを活かせる仕事に就くことで、仕事でも成功を収めることができます。 変化に対応する: 警官および消防士
警官や消防士は忙しいです。2日として同じ日はありませんが、それはADHDの患者にとって良い環境です。その理由は 業務が単調であると退屈してしまうからです。 ADHDの患者は常に変化する環境に喜びを見出します。 彼らは刺激的で、しかも自分が慣れて分析する必要がある環境のもとで成長します。ADHDの患者は研修や訓練期間中も、上司と共に勤務することで、仕事に集中できるようになります。警察署もしくは消防署に配属されたら、彼らは皆忙しい環境の下で勤務しますが、それを喜び、そして励みにするのです。

負担が大きな環境で成長: 医師および看護師 「注意欠陥多動性障害(ADHD)の患者は緊急治療室や救急車等のペースが速く高負荷の環境でうまく作業する傾向がある」とボカラトンにあるフロリダ・アトランティック大学の准教授で臨床心理士のステファニー・サーキス氏は語る。警察官、医師、看護師に二度と同じ就業日がないのと同様、これにより成功するにはすべての訓練を活用し、集中力を維持し、他人と共に作業しなくてはならない。
ただし、病院内で仕事をするには、ADHDに罹っている成人にとっては大きな弱点である長期間の事務作業に従事し、当局に回答をするような場合も含まれる。医療分野で働くには、喜んで支援してくれる強力な支援要員や同僚をもつことが重要だ。 トーク成功:営業担当者
エンターテインメント業界は夢想家、クリエイター、予言者にとっての憧れとなっています。エンターテインメント業界のあらゆる側面で成功するのに必要なエネルギーや活力 -グラフィックアーティスト、バレエダンサー、または舞台俳優としての- はほとんどの人々にとって心身を疲れさせますが、ADHDの人々にとってはそんなことはありません。 その高エネルギーの活力は、創造力豊かなキャリアに向けて、彼らを進めてくれます。
起業家は決意、無限のエネルギー、そして成功する願望を持っている必要があります。彼らはまた、投資家、従業員、および顧客と相互作用することによって、その活力を共有する必要があります。 これは独立した仕事や組織、計画をかなり必要とします。ADHDをもつ人が困難とする分野です。ですが、それが彼らが完成させることに深く貢献している、自分たちの仕事となるとそうではありません。”情熱の分野にいるときADHDを持つ人は、生き生きとするのです。”と、”贈り物を管理する:注意欠陥障害への別のアプローチ”の著者ケビン・ロス・エメリー博士は言います。
建築業は人々を常に忙しく一生懸命働かせます。 建築産業は分かりやすい指示や目標を出していても、業務内容が頻繁に変化します。退屈している時間はありません。 業務の一部分が完了すれば、大概他の業務も完了しています。

分かりやすい期限: 運搬用トラックの運転手
荷物が一杯積んであるトラックを用意し、届ける期限を伝えれば、ADHDの従業員は与えられた任務をこなそうと取り組みます。 この仕事ではADHDの大人の患者が、いわゆる典型的な職場ではなく、同僚と交流を持ちながら、自分の力を最大限に発揮して業務をこなせます。

ADHDの従業員はとても勤勉な従業員です。 彼らは皆力持ちで、好奇心が旺盛なので成功しようと一生懸命に取り組みます。ほんの少し環境を変えるだけで、 効率の良い職場の環境を作りあげることができます。「ADHDの従業員は、求められていることや期限が決まっていて、紙に書くと力を発揮します。」とサルキス博士は言います。「雇用主も業務を細分化して、彼らの能力に合わせて期限を設定すべきです。」 事務仕事などの難解な仕事を、ADHDの従業員と共に勤務できる従業員を確保しておくには成功する上で名案でしょう。ADHDの従業員と共に働くのは大変ですが、時間をかければいいパートナーの関係を築き上げられます。

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