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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Biggest sin of human was not to have listened and followed the god. Listenin...

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Biggest sin of human was not to have listened and followed the god.
Listening and following is the essence of religion. To be religious is to listen and to follow.
This is never changing truth even in the era of new testament. We should never forget to listen to and follow the god. King Saul in the past pretended to worship, but was overthrown because he did not follow the words of god. "Religious person" does not simply mean those who talk boldly or provides mission works a lot. These also belong to religious conducts, but religious person, more than anything, is the one who listens to the god and follow.
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これは新約時代になっても変わらない真理である。私たちは神に対して聞き従うことを忘れてはならない。かつてサウル王は、表面上は信仰的に見せたが、神のみことばに従わなかったために王位から退けられた。 「信仰深い人」とは単に大胆なことを口にする人や、伝道をよくする人のことではない。それらも信仰には違いないだろうが、信仰深い人とは、なにより神に聞き従う人である。

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