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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Clowney insists in a prophetic or direct manner that it is important to see t...

3_yumie7 Translated by 3_yumie7
Clowney insists in a prophetic or direct manner that it is important to see that The Bible connects us to Christ.
1 deals with the episode of Adam pursuing the theme of "New Man" and go forward to the New Testament which is related to Christ.
2 deals with Adam and the female seeds and then pursue the them of the gen of OT and go forward to Christ.
3 deals with Abraham, especially deals with his loved only one whom God promised to give.
4 deals with Jacob and introduce episodes of Jacob as a lens to raise our expectation to Christ.
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1はアダムの逸話を取り扱い、「new man」のテーマをたどって、Chrと結びつく新約聖書へ進みます

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