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I am providing infomation of A in Japanese language as my job now.
For instance, I provide A's news and video on my home page and making use of Youtube or Facebook.

I also held WS(work shops) twice before.
Some of the participants told me that they wanted to use A but did not understand how to use it for less information with Japanese language.
Therefore, I currently have a plan to make a instruction e-book of A for beginners and sell it.

If there are some rules or regulations when it comes to my activity above like providing information or generating profits regarding A, I would like you to let me know.





Do you have limitation when using cat's character on books' cover or web homepage?

In the future, we would like to give a try on development of WS and trainers.
We aim to continue as an ongoing business, not only as volunteer.

In Japan, P is delayed compares to the US and awareness of A is also very low.
Since this is the great application, we believe that everyone want to know about it widely.

I am very happy if you can understand my activities.


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