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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Since the day our account was suspended, we have been asking the customer eve...

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Since the day our account was suspended, we have been asking the customer every day to contact notice@amazon.com from the mail address you had pointed out, or from the link of "Contact Us" of the brand. But the customer does not take any action yet, so we are embarrassed. Everyday we keep sending emails and messages, and keep trying an effort to remove related brands from sales list completely.
We can do nothing on what had happened already, put please note that we are trying to do our best to improve the situation. In the future, we will assign staff dedicated to check whether brand item is approved for sales or not when listing new item. By doing so, items without sales approval will not be listed on our listing. Also, in case checking fails, listed and it is pointed out, we will immediately remove that item and contact brand protector who pointed it out to apologize and report removal of the item. Let us say again, we have been sending emails and messages every day to the contact which we were pointed out asking to contact notice@amazon.com. However, there was only one we managed to do so. We will keep on sending emails and messages. Please acknowledge our effort and cancel suspension.
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私たちはアカウントがサスペンドされた日から、毎日指摘のあったメールアドレス及びブランド等のContact Us等からnotice@amazon.comに連絡するようお願いし続けています。しかし、先方はなかなか動いてくれずに困っています。私たちは毎日メールやメッセージを送り続けており、関連するブランドを販売リストから完全に削除する努力を続けています。

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