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When we inform to government, the information they agreed is we import 4 kinds of food additive from Bbb co.,ltd. Now we import from Aaa with different address, they won't agree. So we have to tell them that Aaa and Ccc is the same, you changed from Aaa into Ccc.
We also inform them that 4 kind of food additive is Oct-a, Oct-b, Oct-c, Oct-c and also the bag design. We can change the bag design. But if we want to change the names, we need to inform them as new products, take the same time and money as we did for 4 food additive before.

If the government don't stamp, please try with your signature for the notification of changing name and address first.
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政府に連絡した際に合意を得た情報は、Bbb co., ltdより4種の食品添加物を輸入するということでした。現在弊社は別住所のAaaより輸入を行っており、彼らの同意が得られません。ですので、AaaとCccが同じであると彼らに伝えなければなりません、あなたがAaaからCccに変更したのです。


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