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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Thank you for you contact. Below is my answer about the cancel request you s...

gabrielueda Translated by gabrielueda
Thank you for you contact.
Below is my answer about the cancel request you submitted.

This bass is, without a doubt, an original Fender bass. The place where I purchased it is certified as an official Fender dealer, so there is no doubt. Also, I have sent the warranty, issued by Fender, in the pocket of the external part the case, so please have a look. That warranty certifies that this is an original product.

Also, about the portion you took a picture of, is likely to have been caused in the production process, not during by storage or transportation. I have verified with the supplier that it does not affect the product.

Finally, about the case, this is definitely the original Fender case of the product. What you mentioned is probably the gig bag, which is sold separately. But I have not written in my sales page that that gig bag would be sent as an accessory.

So, I am sorry, but for the reasons above, I cannot issue you a refund.

Thank you for your understanding.
User's Request Text

こちらのベースは間違いなくFender社の純正のベースです。 私がこのベースを仕入れたところは、Fender社から正規取扱店として認可を受けているところであり、間違いありません。また、Fender社の保証書をケース外部のポケット内部に同封していますので、ご確認ください。その保証書は正規品であるものを保証するものとなります。

また、写真でいただいた箇所ですが、保管や輸送により 生じたものではなく、生産時からのものであると考えられます。製品に問題ないことは仕入先で確認しております。




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