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First, see point #1. You can become fairly knowledgeable about something small very quickly.

Second, you don’t have to be an expert in order to teach a class or start contributing to a topic. When I first started talking about my experience learning to code, or even growth hacking, I was not an expert at either. I said, “I’m just a beginner who taught myself how to code, but I can tell you about what mistakes I made and what I learned, and I can save you time in not making those same mistakes.”
It turns out that beginners who are a few steps ahead can actually be better teachers than experts, because they’re easier to connect with, and they have a better understanding of what a beginner does and doesn’t know.

When teaching about growth hacking, I always admit up front that a lot of the techniques and case studies I mention come from other growth hackers. I’m just relaying the info.
So hopefully these three tips can help you on your way to getting a job as a growth hacker. Got any additional advice or tips for snagging that interview or getting that job? Or seen anything else unique work (like this guy who got a job by running $6 worth of Google Adwords for people searching their own names)? I’d like to hear about them! Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Mattan Griffel is cofounder and CEO at One Month.
Translated by hhanyu7
第一に、ポイント 1を見てください。あなたは、非常に早く小さなことについてかなり詳しくなる。


だから願わくは、これらの3つのヒントが、あなたがグロース・ハッカーの仕事を得るうえで役立ってくれるとよいと思う。グロース・ハッカーの仕事の面接のチャンスをつかんだり、仕事を得たりするさらなるアドバイスやヒントは?あるいは何か珍しい仕事(例えば、自分の名前を検索している人のために、6ドル相当のGoogle Adwords載せることで仕事を手にしたこの人のように)を見かけたことは?私は是非お聞きしたい!下記のコメント欄にあなたのお考えを投稿してください。

Mattan Griffel氏はOne Monthの共同設立者であり最高経営責任者である。

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