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Germany’s mobile game companies such as Hamburg’s Goodgame Studios and Berlin’s Wooga are doing well, but they aren’t the biggest kids on the block when it comes to the global mobile gaming market.

The hits will come, as the remaining German game companies are consolidating and doubling down on online and mobile game development. Hamburg’s Bigpoint has just five games under development, a lot fewer than it has had in the past, as it focuses on higher quality, said Khaled Helioui, chief executive of Bigpoint, in an interview with GamesBeat at its Berlin office.

“It’s been a hard couple of years for Germany,” Helioui said. Reichart said that part of the problem is that the German market itself has been big enough for local developers to target it. The Quo Vadis conference went on for nine years before it switched from German to English-language talks.

“That’s a typical problem in Germany, where you have to force the Germans to think beyond the German market,” Reichart said. “We were pioneers in free-to-play, and we have to keep this position. If we lose this position, the few really successful companies we have in Germany will be bought or disappear.”
Translated by nearlynative
ドイツのモバイルゲーム制作会社であるハンブルグのGoodgame Studios社やベルリンのWooga社などはなかなかの業績を上げているが、世界的なモバイルゲーム市場でみたら大物でも何でもない。
他のゲーム会社が合併したり、オンラインゲームやモバイルゲームの開発に賭けに出たりなので、やがてヒット作は出るものと思われる。ハンブルグのBigpoint社で現在開発中のゲームは、以前と比べてずっと少ない5タイトルのみである。これは品質の高さに重点を置いているから、と同社の最高責任者Khaled Helioui氏はベルリンの事務所で受けたGamesBeatのインタビューで語った。
問題の一部は、ドイツ市場自体が地元のゲーム開発会社がターゲットとするのに十分な大きさであったことであるとReichart氏はいう。Quo Vadisゲーム開発会議は使用言語がドイツ語から英語に切り替わるまでに9年もかかった。
Translated by mars16
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