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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Here Renkei Temple which has Obinzuru is a Jodo temple Masashige Suruganokami...

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Here Renkei Temple which has Obinzuru is a Jodo temple Masashige Suruganokami built to pray for his mother, Renkeini in 1549.
This Renkei Temple has a fine bell and it's tolled just 18 times at 3:00 pm. (The number of 18 comes from a learning place of Jodo shu called Kanto Juhachi (18) Danrin.)
It's done for people's well-being not like hour bells tick.

Renkei Temple became one of the Kanto Juhachi Danrin in1602 and they raised a lot of monks studying Buddhism as a Shogunate official Buddhist monk institute allowed to use crests of hollyhock.
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おびんづる様のあるここ蓮馨寺は、1549年に駿河守政繁(するがのかみ まさしげ)が母の蓮馨尼(に)を追福するために、開山した浄土宗の寺です。


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