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検査は合否の判定を伴うため欧米では、 判定の中立性を保つためその商品を供給する部門から独立した部門が行う考えがあり、 逆に日本ではその商品を供給する部門が責任を持って行う考えが普及してきた。






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Basis of a product inspection

Concept of measuring equipment management

Verify whether specified requirements (inspection standards) are satisfied and judge whether the product meets the requirements (a good product) or not (a defective product).

As the inspect involves judgment for product acceptance, in Europe and America, to keep neutrality of judgment, there is an idea that a section independent of the product-supply section should conduct the inspection, while in Japan, the idea that the section which supplies products should conduct the inspection responsibly has become common.

There is a tendency to take an idea of the European and American system, since a problem of hiding claims has come out from recent whistle-blowing.

Comparison with quality criterion

Use a table of random numbers

About measuring equipment management

Accuracy control of  the torque wrench
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Basis of product inspection

Instrument management concept

Verifying whether or not the product meets the specified requirement (inspection standard), and determining whether it is conforming (non-defective) or non-conforming (defective).

As the verification involves a determination of acceptability, the idea in Western countries is that a sector independent from the sector supplying the product handles the verification in order to maintain neutrality, whereas the popular idea in Japan has been that the sector supplying the product be responsible for it.

There is a tendency to incorporate the idea of the Western method due to the recent problem of complaint concealment from the inside whistle-blowing.

Comparing with the quality verification standard

Using the table of random numbers

What is instrument management?

Quality control of torque wrench
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