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[Translation from Japanese to English ] (I / We ) made a kaleidoscope using the iPhone's camera. Because this is a...

nihonjon Translated by nihonjon
(I / We ) made a kaleidoscope using the iPhone's camera.

Because this is a camera application, it can of course take pictures. The picture taken can then be turned into a mystical kaleidoscopic picture.

Not only that, while you're moving the picture be sure to look at the screen. You can see some amazing movements going on while you do so. When you like what you see, tap anywhere on the screen and it will save that image to your camera roll.

Please Note:
- To use the picture as wallpaper on your PC, be sure to choose 'Title' mode when setting it as your desktop wallpaper.
- While saving pictures an indicator showing the save progress will be shown. Do not end the application until it goes away or else it will not finish saving.
- iPhone 3G users will experience some rather slow and jerky movements using kaleidoscope.
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- 撮影した画像をPCの壁紙にする際には「タイル」表示にしてください。
- 画像保存中にはインジケータが表示されますので、消えるまで終了しないでください。
- iPhone3Gでは少々実行速度が遅いのでばらばらな動きになってしまいます。

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