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[Translation from English to Japanese ] My dad owns a 'sound machine' - that's what we call the picós here in Cartage...

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My dad owns a 'sound machine' - that's what we call the picós here in Cartagena.

He played original African music, Champeta made by African descendants.

This music influenced me from day one - I wanted to know how to make music: African music, but also Reggaeton that was becoming popular when I was 17 or 18.

So I got Fruity Loops and tutorials, and began making tracks.

After year and a half I more or less knew how to make a track from scratch.

My first project was the 'Pasa Pasa' soundsystem, with which I set out to spread the music I was making.

During this learning process I heard about parties in Jamaica One of those parties is called 'Pasa Pasa', which was a kind of festival in Jamaica.

hitomi-kumai Translated by hitomi-kumai
だから僕はFruity Loops と tutorialsを手に入れて、曲を作り始めた。
最初のプロジェクトは 'Pasa Pasa' サウンド・システム。それを使って自分の作った楽曲を広めようとしたのさ。
こうやって学んでいる時に、ジャマイカで行われるパーティーについて知ったんだ。その中の一つに 'Pasa Pasa'って呼ばれるものがあって、まあジャマイカのお祭りみないなものだったんだよね。

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