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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I kept the area around the ears a little heavy as it is easy for the hair to ...

ozsamurai_69 Translated by ozsamurai_69
I kept the area around the ears a little heavy as it is easy for the hair to become flattened, and put a graduation over the ear. The added layers to hold the volume in the top and cut the back side forward and low.
In order to create the A Line I applied 20-23mm rods loosely to the hair for a spiral perm.
The color is allover uses 10 levels of chocolate brown.
Styling was achieved by massaging mill creme into the hair ends to give an edgy impression.

Qualia Collection for MEN

The finished look was created with a generous amount of gel wax giving a brilliant shine.
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クオリア コレクション for MEN


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ー 日本語能力試験1級合格
ー 翻訳・通訳 英和<->和英 7年本田株式会社(研究ー品質部)

- Passed The Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1
- Employed for 7 years at The Honda Motor Compan...

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