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[Translation from Japanese to English ] Longing of adult female 41-year-old housewife, elegant short style Becaus...

ozsamurai_69 Translated by ozsamurai_69
An elegant short style for a mature 14 year old housewife.

A squared off impression created from the flattening of the top, short layered straight hair to give a natural flow to the parting.
From there, the volume positioned to the lip line, to accent the glamorous look. The natural coloring with small highlights brings out the shine.
An all over one curl design, fitting neatly into the neckline
Completed with a soft spray for the perfect adult short hair finish.

Cool adult, soft wave long hair.

A cute and beautifully formed curled bob in the casual adult style.
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コロンとした丸みで自分史上最高に可愛く 大人カジュアルな美フォルムボブ

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ー 日本語能力試験1級合格
ー 翻訳・通訳 英和<->和英 7年本田株式会社(研究ー品質部)

- Passed The Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1
- Employed for 7 years at The Honda Motor Compan...

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