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[Translation from Japanese to English ] In the radiation therapy, cancer cell will be heavy damaged, and the normal c...

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Radiation therapy does cause great damage to cancer cells, but it also has some effect on surrounding normal cells. If radiation is above the decided levels for that organ damage can be delivered to normal cells making them weak. The radiated normal cells will still remain slightly effected even after several years, and therefore repeat radiation treatment in the same area is not performed. However, depending on the type of cancer, there are cases where it can be performed safely again in the same area, where the first time irradiation quantity was small and it was a first time therapy. Since radiation therapy is a topical treatment to the part of the body as well as operation, there is no influence to the other parts where radiation is not applied. Therefore, it is possible to treat safely every time if the part is different as long as it is within a limitation of the function of the organ.
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ー 日本語能力試験1級合格
ー 翻訳・通訳 英和<->和英 7年本田株式会社(研究ー品質部)

- Passed The Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1
- Employed for 7 years at The Honda Motor Compan...
・主に輸出向け自社製作の機械に関する設計、選定、仕様書作成、 技術資料の作成等に従事。(何れも英語にての業務)

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