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It could be called as internal irradiation method as per external irradiation method, but this term is not often used. The method is to use radioisotope such as radium, cesium, iridium, or gold as a radiation source, and seal it in a container that has a shape like tube, needle, wire, or granular. For oral cavity, tongue, breast, and prostate cancer, the treatment method is to insert a radiation source directly to the surrounding tissue and cancer tissue (interstitial radiation method). For esophageal cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, the treatment is to mount tube into the esophagus cavity, uterine cavity, or trachea in advance, then insert a radiation source (intracavitary irradiation method).
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This term is also called internal radiation therapy to external irradiation, but it is not used much in practice. Radioisotope such as radium, cesium, iridium and gold sealed in a container that was shaped like tubes, needles, wires, or granular used as a radiation source. For the cancer in oral cavity, tongue, breast, radiation source is directly inserted in each cancer tissue and their surrounding tissues (interstitial irradiation).In an esophageal cancer, cervical cancer and lung cancer, the tube is fitted with a certain position in the cavity such as esophagus, uterus and trachea preliminarily, and then radiation source is inserted into the tube and the cancer is treated (intracavitary irradiation).
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