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[Translation from Japanese to English ] How to way for radiation therapy: The procedure for external irradiation is ...

mika-y Translated by mika-y
How to way for radiation therapy:
The procedure for external irradiation is below.

1 The preparation of fixture
When to treat for cancer on the region both head and neck, we sometimes make the fixture which is called Shell.
Treatment will divided into some times, so we use the fixture to treat to fix the same posture every time.
To set patient's body the same posture for treatment is very important thing, that will cause the result for treatment.
When to treat for breast cancer to preserve breast itself on radiation therapy, we sometimes use the special fixture to keep the patient's arm lifted on every treatment. 2 The plan for treatment
We make a plan for treatment which includes which region, from which direction and how many frequencies with what quantity.
We decide the region for treatment by using Radioscopy apparatus and CT device and consider the direction of the radiotherapy for the enough dosage or not to apply the normal tissue surrounding the cancer.
We use the case which treat from one way irradiation and sometimes use the case which treat from plural ways irradiation.
We also use the irradiation way which use IMRT, 3D therapy plan, by using the image through CT device.
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