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[Translation from Japanese to Native English ] HEMS or better known as Home Energy Management System is a technology to prov...

iluvsnoopy228 Translated by iluvsnoopy228
HEMS is short for Home Energy Management System. It is a technology that brings to life ecology and comfortable living.
It connects all the equipment at home by centralizing it via an operating panel, and it promotes energy saving actions rather than promoting "making visible" energy.

When we speak of energy consumption at home, it just means it is the combined energy consumption of home appliances.
If home appliances make up the energy at home, then it would only be natural to connect them with the HEMS home appliance controller, wouldn't it?
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HEMS(ヘムス)とは、Home Energy Management Systemの略で、エコロジーと居住快適性を実現するための技術です。


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