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1 中国に出すiOS上の広告はAdMobなどがそのまま使えて、広告単価も他の国と同じくらいだという認識で合っていますか?

2 中国に無数にあるandroidマーケット(TAP TAPなど)は、御社を介してだとMintegral以外は使えない、または使えても単価がとても低い、という認識で合っていますか?

3 Mintegralの中国の広告単価がどのくらいか分かりますか?

4 Mintegralにバナーはありますか?
Translated by risa0908
1. Is my understanding correct that for advertisement on iOS which will be placed in China, we can use AdMob as it is and advertisement fee is almost same as other country?

2. Is my understanding correct that for numberless android market in China such as TAP TAP, we cannot use except Mintegral through your company or may be able to use, but the cost is very low?

3. Do you know the advertisement unit cost of Mintegral in China?
Can we afford it through Mintegral only for android advertisement?

4. Does Mintegral have a banner?

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