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[Translation from Japanese to English ] New feature has been implemented. App has now been upgraded with new feature...

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New feature has been implemented.
App has now been upgraded with new feature implemented.
The points of this upgrade are as follow:

Design of play back window has been refreshed.
The design of the play back window has been refreshed to be more comfortable to operate, easier to see and user friendly.

“How many times is this music played back? How many of COOL given?” Now, you can assume it at one look.
Favorite and share buttons are on the right as moved to the more comfortable place to use. Let’s enjoy music more conveniently and share it.

A panel window appears here once it is played back. You can roll a button whenever you think COOL of it.

Tagging music on a genre, an artist or a comment is now available.

You can tag it through the button shown in the picture above as well as when posing music.

There are 2 tags. The tag colored in yellow is the one a user who posited music by their selves can put. The other colored in blue is the listener tag which other users will put. Listener tags can be freely edited by anybody.
Both kinds of tags can be put up to 5 respectively. Let’s edit it together friendly!
A genre and a recommendation, etc. can be easily selected and entered for tagging.
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右側にはお気に入りと シェアボタン。 使いやすい場所に移しました。 これでもっと便利に曲を楽しんで広めてください。

再生するとここにパネルが出てきます。いいなと思ったところでボタン連打してください タグ付け


タグには、投稿した本人が付ける黄色い作者タグと、 他のユーザーがつける青いリスナータグがあります。 作者タグは作者本人しか削除できませんが、 リスナータグはだれでも自由に編集できます。

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