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This is to conspire derivation of more than ten kinds of clinical trials toward the creation of innovative cancer medicines from Japan within five years as follows.
- to proceed research and development on drugs and medicines centering on antibody drugs like peptide vaccine to be used for refractory cancers and scarcity cancers and on molecularly-targeted drugs for cancers commencing with antibody drugs, nucleic acid medicines, gene-based treatment etc.
- regarding drug discovery research, to proceed non-clinical study based on GLP(Good Laboratory Practice) and international standard clinical research and clinical trials leaded by doctors.
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創薬研究に関し、GLP(Good Laboratory Practice)準拠の非臨床試験、国際水準
創出に向けて 10 種類以上の治験への導出を図る

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・主に輸出向け自社製作の機械に関する設計、選定、仕様書作成、 技術資料の作成等に従事。(何れも英語にての業務)

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