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[Purpose of Inspection]
• There was an issue on unstable network connectivity between the head office of TA and the JDC/
• According to the inspection on this issue performed by the head office, there was a considerable increase in the traffic a couple of time in a week, but the it was claimed to be unrelated to the said issue.
• This time, the network connectivity test at site has been performed to find out a root cause while the monitoring the traffic for no abnormality from the head office side

[Action Taken]
1. Hearing inspection from JDC staffs on the unstable network connectivity issue.
2. Communication test and logging of test results using the PC installed at JDC warehouse
3, Connect PC of engineer to network of JDC warehouse, and obtain communication test and its communication logo.
4. Monitor the communication from main store and check if trouble occured in communication.

At first, it was understood that the communication was always unstable, but it was only what specified staff felt about. What affects all staff was only once a week(once a month recently)
As for specified staff, I checked what happened and found the cause might be attributed to the problem of PC. Then, I decided to replace at first.
From communication test and the log, I confirmed that problematic number was not detected and communication equivalent to band width (2Mbps) was conducted.
When a problem happens next time, we agreed to action plan discussed between those who are responsible as a scheme to pursue the cause every time.

(Next Action)
1)Most immdiate measure(for specified user)
a)See what happens after releasing the personal computer

2)Most immediate measure(for all users)
a)Whenever communication is delayed,users send the following message to Eric.
For user(specified user or all users)
Influenced area (Web browsing, Outlook, WMS, KFF, acess to file server)
Time when it happened

b) Eric received the above contents from main store
c) The main store checkd the log during the time, and checked if a large traffic happened
If the problem is found, the device which is regarded as the cause and contents of the communication are feedbacked to Eric.
d)Eric receives the message from the user and check the contents of communication in detail. After that, evaluate the measure to avoid it or measure to prevent it again(main store also cooperates). 3) If the problem can not be resolved by options above
· If problems such as network speed is slow despite there is no occurrence of a large traffic usage, can not be resolved by the above procedures,
we would introduce a local tool to record details of the communication content , and try to ascertain the reason.

1) Problems and solutions that could occur among some specific users are as follows.
· Excel can not be opened (Read only)
-> Happens when other users try to open
-> If it happens when the owner user opens, try to restart once
-> If it happens when HQ user opens, try to contact HQ -> Let's consider sharing files on a case-by-case basis.
・PDFs where the contents of the displayed the thumbnail are different to the actual file.
-> Try it on another PC.
・Slow down whenever an Excel file is opened
-> Try it on another PC.
・The network drive is no longer displayed
-> Register the batch file that mounts the network drive on the start menu
-> Or, try it on another PC.

2) The router drops out
-> If you could please forward the email from V, we will check it at the head office.
User's Request Text

1. 通信不具合の詳細について、JDCスタッフへのヒアリング
2. JDC倉庫にあるPCからの通信テスト及びその通信ログの取得
3. JDC倉庫のネットワークにエンジニアのPCを接続し、通信テスト及びその通信ログの取得
4. 通信状況を本店から監視し、通信に異常が発生していないか確認

[Next Action]
1) 直近の対策(特定ユーザ向け)
 a) PCをリプレースして様子を見る
2) 直近の対策(全ユーザ向け)

3) 上記で解決できない場合

1) 特定のユーザにて発生していた問題と解決策は以下の通り。
・Excelが開けない(Read only)となることがある
 ->HQユーザが開いているとなる場合、HQに連絡しましょう  -> 場合によっては共有ファイルにすることも検討しましょう。
 -> PCを交換して様子を見る
 -> PCを交換して様子を見る
 -> ネットワークドライブをマウントするバッチファイルをスタートメニュに登録する
 -> または、PCを交換して様子を見る

2) ルータが落ちることがある
 -> V社からのメールを送付頂き、本店で確認する。

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