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[Translation from English to Japanese ] historical and gender-bender (especially when its about France) so Berusaiyu ...

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historical and gender-bender (especially when its about France) so Berusaiyu no Bara is deffinitely one [I have 13 Takarazuka musical versions:) I have read the manga too. I cried my eyes out when Andore and Oscar died): I like writing Andre's name the way it's said in Japanese:)]
vampires (Vampire Knight, Blood+)
girls with guns (Noir, El Cazador De La Bruja, Madlaks)
yaoi (Ikoku irokoi romantan, Okane ga nai) [and Kaze to ki no uta although it's actually shonen-ai]
yuri (Strawberry panic)
I also like Claymore and The pet shop of horrors (can't remember their types but, anyway) [just ordered 22nd volume of Claymore manga]

yoppo1026 Translated by yoppo1026
吸血鬼 (Vampire Knight, Blood+)
銃を持った少女 (Noir, El Cazador De La Bruja, Madlaks)

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about 10 hours

I work as a business translator and I teach English in a private English school.
I translate failure analysis reports written in Japanese into En...

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