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[Translation from Japanese to English ] A Co. began take-out type free distribution of an English version of a guide ...

tatsuoishimura Translated by tatsuoishimura
Company A began installed type distribution of free Akihabara English guidance map. It has run the guided tour for foreign tourists visiting Japan, and has produced a sightseeing map in English to introduce the commercial stores in the area as a part of its activities. The map publicizes stores of 12 genres such as "cafe" (common coffee shop), "concept cafes" (include maid cafes), etc. covering approximately 250 stores in total. The installed places are Travelex (foreign currency exchange), the Tokyo metropolitan accommodations, duty-free shop in the Akihabara area, @home cafe, and others. It will be distributed abroad like in Taiwan (Taipei), France (Paris), U.K. (Edinburgh).
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2012年 日系と欧米系広告代理店に...

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