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brother346 Translated by brother346
We confirm the sufficiency of the content as follows when the conclusion of NDA is necessary: Wether it is the system in which carrying out of the unjust data by custodians of the Hypervisor group is impossible or can be discovered when the server is virtualized,
whether the custodians who can access the setting information of the access right to data are limited, and some measures are taken in order that it won't leak outside,
whether the inventory of the administrator rights of the vendor who can access data is taken regularly,
whether the critical informations such as private information, the business classified information are included in data to consign you, and so on.
->The range targeted for data, the period, the prohibited matter, the compensation responsibility, etc.
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-> データの対象範囲、期間、禁止事項、賠償責任、等

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