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[Translation from Japanese to English ] I have fewer orders than his orders, but I sold it with the higher price. I t...

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彼よりも発注数量は少ないけれど、価格は高い値段で販売しました。在庫を販売できる客先を探すよりも来年 発注できる商品を営業する時間を費やす事の方が重要だと思います。安い値段で販売しているので、誰も在庫に興味がありません。今まで発注された商品が、この問題を解決していないので現時点で全く発注を頂いていません。お客さんを失いたくないので、彼らが主張している条件をもう一度検討して頂けませんか。現在 弊社が提案している割引率と彼らの希望に開きがありすぎて、彼が受け入れてくれていません。
Translated by steveforest
As the quantity of order is lower than him, I have sold in higher price. I believe that looking for customers who sell the inventory isn't more important than spending more time for selling items for next year.
As selling in low price, no one is interested in the stock. Ordered items so far wasn't solving this situation, therefore we have no ordered yet.
As we don't want to loose our customers, could you consider the the conditions that uttered by customers?
Our proposed discount rate at the moment and their hopes are divided apart.and he resist the planning.

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