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[Translation from English to Japanese ] iOttie One-Touch bike mount is designed with functionality as the main focus....

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iOttie One-Touch bike mount is designed with functionality as the main focus. It is easy to use with one touch operation system. With just one finger motion, the device can be mounted and removed with ease. Rather your phone has a skin or a case on, big or small; with a band strap design for additional security, it will hold your phone in place. It has a 360 degree fully adjustable plate for a quick portrait and landscape view, and holds up to 3 inch wide mobile devices. iOttie One-Touch windshield bike mount allows maximum comfort and confident riding performance. A smart choice is easy with iOttie.
oier9 Translated by oier9
iOttie One-Touch bike mountは、は機能性を重視して設計されています。簡単なワンタッチ操作システム。指一本動かすだけでデバイスの脱着を簡単にできます。携帯電話がスキンやケースつけていても、あるいは大きくても小さくても、落下防止用のバンドストラップがお使いの携帯電話を定位置に固定します。360度動かせるプレートにより、簡単に縦向きにも横向きにして見ることができます。3インチ幅のモバイル機器まで収納できます。iOttie One-Touch windshield bike mountは、最高の快適さと安心の走行性能を可能にします。

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